PuntoVerde Ceramics


“Things are either devolving toward, or evolving from, nothingness.” 

–Leonard Koren, Wabi Sabi

PuntoVerde Ceramics is a sculptural project based in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

Hand sculpted and painted by Fernanda Uribe, each piece embodies the liveliness of clay where imperfections are embraced as beautiful, delicate forms. The simple motion of pressing and rolling clay by hand establishes an inimitable connection, leaving faint traces of her gestures on each piece. 

Fernanda’s work is weaved through her paintings and sculptures reminding ourselves of the fragility of our nature, the dance of moving away but towards to the earth. 

Collaboration for partners include: The Four Seasons Hotel, Tribeca, NYC , The Sabah Dealer, and GOOP & Museo del Barrio.