The Greek for “to bring forth or to produce” is tikto. The word techne, technique, belongs to the-verb’s root tec. To the Greeks techne means neither art nor handicraft but rather: to make something appear, within what is present, as this or that, in this way or that way. “
— -from Building Dwelling Thinking by Martin Heidegger.

The Vanderblit Republic commissioned Fernanda Uribe,  to collaborate on a piece in response to the aftermath of Sandy for their Second Far Rockaway Redevelopment Fund Project.

Seriously affected by hurricane Sandy in October 2012, the Rockaway Beach is a neighborhood in the Queens borough that stretches for miles along the Rockaway Peninsula facing the Atlantic Ocean.

Situated on 69th street, an under-serverd section of the neighborhood, Tikto was a site specific triangle-shaped installation of 16 ft x 16ft x 10ft that invited the observer to interact with the structure and take part in the communal activities of the location. The possibilities of individual expression and communal participation shape this platform giving it a life of its own via its use.

It is through the experience of dwelling this space, that the community builds on the preservation of the Rockaway Beach and liaisons with each other. 

Project in collaboration with Anthony Illiano and The Vanderbilt Republic

for more info and updates: http://frrf.wordpress.com