La Frontera No Tienen Memoria // The Border Has No Memory

In the Autumn of 2008, the Felix-Arellano Cartel situated in Tijuana, Mexico was finally coming to its end. This as good as it may seem was the worst time for the citizens of this border city. As this cartel was loosing power many others from all over the country were trying to take over this extremely potent territory. Politicians, police officers, and even church officials were being murdered daily. As money was scarce, criminals began to kidnap ordinary people and ask for inconceivable amounts of money. The city was in complete terror.

These two maps represent visually an approximate of how the situation in Tijuana "looked" like. In Manchas, the artist pins the approximate place where bodies where found according to SEMEFO information. In Una Ciudad En Hilos, every color represents one month of 2008 and every square one life.